LightVest is an open-source Bike Vest designed to be wearable technology. The product is a Bike Suit designed to increase a cyclist’s visibility, especially during the night.  As well as improving the cyclist communication and intent with other motorists and pedestrians.


  1. A lightweight Weatherproof LED Vest (with IP67 Rated LEDs)
  2. Turn Signal’s – Fully programmable RGB LEDs
  3. Wireless remote to control the lights (with 4 fully customisable buttons)
  4. A Bike mount to attach to your Bike
  5. ON/OFF Switch Button
  6. Go Hand’s Free with an Inbuilt accelerometer – control Turn signals by from your bike handle
  7. Smart Mode – Send Data and track your Journey by Phone

Coming Soon

Create your own PCB

Upgrade from Breadboard to PCB and reduce the size of the board by building your own circuit.

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